Flight Information

let: BA 855 
letecká společnost: British Airways
odlet: Prague
terminál: Terminal 1
čas odletu: 12:15, středa 2 září 2009
přilet: London Heathrow Airport
terminál: Terminal 5
čas příletu: 13:25, středa 2 září 2009
mezipřistání: Non-Stop
čas na cestĕ: 2 h 10 min
letoun: 320 (Airbus Industrie A320)
nabízené třídy: business, turistická
Airbus A320


We operate these Airbus aircraft on shorthaul European and UK domestic routes.

Hand baggage

When you travel with British Airways, you need to ensure you are aware of the restrictions on your hand baggage, including:

· the maximum allowable size of your bag

· the restrictions on carrying liquids

· the restrictions on carrying duty-free liquids and when they might be purchased

· the list of banned and restricted items in your baggage


The standard-sized bag is no more than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22ins x 18ins x 10ins), including the handle, pockets and wheels.

The bag must be able to be:

· fitted into the gauge available in the check-in area

  • lifted into the aircraft’s overhead lockers unaided (although cabin crew will assist you if you have additional needs)Hand baggage allowances
Adults and children (aged 2 and over) One standard-sized bag
One laptop-sized bag, handbag or briefcase
Specific restrictions on liquids

Restrictions on the quantities of liquids, gels or pastes are:

· they must be held in individual containers not exceeding 100ml

· the containers must be carried in a separate, clear-plastic, zip-top or re-sealable bag

· the bag must not exceed 20cm x 20cm (8ins x 8ins) in dimensions

· the bag must not exceed one litre (1.75 pints) capacity

· the bag must be completely closed

· the items must fit comfortably in the bag

· the bag must be x-ray screened separately from other hand baggage at airport security points.

You can purchase duty-free liquids at the airport or on board if your journey is wholly within the EU.

For other journeys and destinations, you should refer to the specific country restrictions.

We advise you not to purchase liquid items in duty-free shops until you reach an EU airport.

Items forbidden for carriage on British Airways

The following list covers all those items that are forbidden to be carried anywhere on British Airways flights:

· Disabling devices – mace, pepper spray, etc.

· Security-type attaché cases containing dangerous goods – pyrotechnic devices, etc.

· Strike anywhere matches

· Cooking oils

· Flammable gas cylinders

· Flammable liquids – paint, petrol, lighter refills, solvents, varnish, etc.

· Flammable solids – firelighters, etc.

· Substances liable to spontaneous combustion

· Substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water

· Oxidising materials – paint stripper, etc.

· Organic peroxides – bleach, etc.

· Toxic substances – weedkiller, insecticides, etc.

The following list covers the items that may be carried on flights with British Airways but require the airline’s approval prior to flying and where quantities or regulation of the items are restricted:

· Explosives – fireworks, ammunition, flares etc.

· Camping stoves and fuel containers

· Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice)

· Heat-producing articles – underwater torches, soldering irons, etc.

· Mercury-filled items – barometers, thermometers, etc.

· Avalanche rescue pack

· Chemical agent monitoring equipment

· Insulated packages containing refrigerated liquid nitrogen

· Non-flammable gas cylinder – as part of a life-jacket

· Oxygen and other small cylinders for medical use

· Mobility aids– wheelchairs, powered devices with either non-spillable or spillable batteries

Restricted items needing no notification

The following list covers all items that may be carried on British Airways flights but are still restricted to specific limits on quantities or dimensions:

· Aerosols – for sporting and home use

· Non-radioactive medicinal or toilet articles – hairsprays, perfumes, colognes, medicines, etc.

· Alcoholic beverages

· Non-flammable, non-toxic gas cylinders – e.g. for operation of mechanical limbs

· Devices containing lithium cells or batteries – laptop computers, cameras, camcorders, etc.

· Spare lithium batteries

· Hair-curlers containing hydrocarbon gas

· Radio-isotopic cardiac pacemakers

· Safety matches

· Cigarette lighter

Checked baggage

When you check your baggage on to your flight (at the airport check-in desk or the Fast Bag Drop point), you will receive one baggage tag receipt per bag, which you should keep safe.

When you travel on any flight with British Airways, you are entitled to a free baggage allowance at check-in, provided the bags meet certain specifications.


The weight of each bag:

· must not exceed 23kg (51lbs) for the free allowance to apply

· must not exceed 32kg (70lbs) for it to be checked in

You will need to pay £25 ($45 for journeys from all US airports) at the check-in desk for each bag or item that is over the maximum free allowance weight limit of 23kg (51lbs). This fee will be converted into the local currency during the check-in process.


The standard-sized bag is no more than 90cm x 75cm x 43cm (35.5ins x 29.5ins x 16ins), including the handle, pockets and wheels.

Adults and children
(aged 12 years and over)
FIRST and Club World: Three standard-sized bags
Club Europe and World Traveller Plus: Two  standard-sized bags
World Traveller and Euro Traveller: One standard-sized bag

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